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Student Personal Technology Use Agreement

Student Personal Technology Use Agreement                                                                     Print Version

The Central Union School District makes every effort to provide every student with the necessary educational technology resources. Central Union School District does “not” permit the use of “personal technology devices” on campus when “in-person” learning is in session.

It is highly encouraged that students use the devices provided by the District during distance learning. Students utilizing a District device are ensured with technical support for the equipment, setting up and maintaining the devices, internet child safety filtering, and virus protection. Students have easy access to digital curriculum, apps, and material when using a District device.
Central Union School District provides designated grade level “core” Apps on District iPads. Teachers also use additional instructional iPad Apps approved by the District.

If parents wish for students to use their own technology devices from home in addition to the District device. Central Union School District will provide the following:

  • A District Google account for each child.
  • Links and accounts to the District curriculum material listed in Chart A.
The District “core” Apps listed on Chart B and teacher’s designated instructional Apps will only be available through a District issued iPad. It should be understood that students may need to submit work through these apps, and therefore have to use a District Devise.

Please note that the Central Union School District does not provide:
  • Technical support for personal equipment
  • The setting up and maintaining of personal devices
  • Internet Child safety filtering on personal devices
  • Virus protection on personal devices
  • District purchased Apps to be uploaded on personal devices.
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