Central Union Elementary School District


Request for Proposal

Request for Proposal for Internet Access

Central Union School District 2015-2016



Seeking 3 year contract with (2) 1 year voluntary extensions for Internet Access with capacity of 200 Mbps Bandwidth and firewall service to each of the school sites listed below:


Site 1: Akers Elementary School

Site 2: Central Union Elementary School

Site 3: RJ Neutra Elementary School

Site 4: Stratford Elementary School


Also required: 5 (five) full sets of public class C IPv4 addresses. 


The Project may not be authorized by Owner unless E-Rate Funding is received from the Schools and Library Division.



Selection Criteria:
Central Union School District reserves the right to reject any or all proposals and select the proposal that offers the best overall benefit and cost-effectiveness to the school district and its schools. Price is the primary consideration but not the only consideration per FCC rules for evaluating proposals for E-Rate.


Vendor Qualifications: 

1. In order to submit a proposal, the vendor: 

a. Must have a minimum of three years of experience in the area of expertise of
this RFP. 

b. Must have highly-qualified network engineers and technicians on staff, capable
of diagnosing problems quickly and providing/recommending solutions. 

2. Proposals submitted by the vendor must comply with the competitive bidding
requirement of the SLD for Universal Service Fund services and support, along with state
and local bid laws. 

3. Vendors must be able to provide at least three references from customers with
environments similar to Central Union School District. Reference information must include company name/project, contact name, address and telephone number. 

4. Vendor must directly provide all service and support for maintenance of Internet Access
connections through the life of the contract. 

5. Vendor must provide information regarding availability of technical support (on- site).
Vendors must have a minimum travel time of 60 minutes to Central Union School District and must be available upon request. 


Specific Bid Requirements: 

1. Vendor must clearly identify capabilities and all associated charges, including installation/implementation costs and any ineligible components requiring additional acquisition costs. 

2. TRANSITION PLAN - As the cut-over date for any new service provider/carrier is required to be on July 1, 2015, the DISTRICT requires a transition plan to be provided with any proposal response from service providers that are NOT the current carrier or for any new services or locations NOT provided at the present time by the existing carrier. The plan is to include the resources to be dedicated to the transition, all costs associated with the transition, a timeline of actions with a completion target date for the supplier and for the DISTRICT transition team. The transition plan is to outline the expectations the supplier team would have of the DISTRICT and the information or task the DISTRICT is to provide the supplier and the date any information or task would be required. 

3. Vendor is responsible for all telecommunications transfer costs incurred as a result of change of service from present provider. 

4. Vendor must include 5 (five) full sets of public class C IPv4 addresses.. 

5. Vendor must include options for escalation of available bandwidth over life of contract
as Central Union School District’s data requirements increase. 

6. Vendor must provide one primary contract number with which all bills may be

Submission of Questions 

All inquiries must be submitted via e-mail to Mark Tompkins The District will not respond to phone inquiries. 

Please email proposals to:

Mark Tompkins


Proposals must be received by 10 AM March 4, 2015 to be considered.


All bids are contingent upon 100% E-Rate funding.